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Welcome to Social Media Faculty.

Social Media Faculty is where I spend most of my time delivering value on how you can leverage social media to increase your influence and your brand visibility.

Imagine having to be on social media and your business keeps getting all the attention it needs.

Imagine making money from your preferred social media platforms.

 Imagine setting a financial goal and being able to hit it using social media

Imagine being found easily and seen as an expert in your niche.


Imagine being your own boss, being able to work and earn no matter where you are in the world, 

Not having to sit in traffic because of a 9 – 5,

no boss to decline your ‘leave’ requests,

being able to spend time with loved ones,

being able to afford anything you want without worry

This is possible by becoming a social media manager!


If any of the above sounds like what you want, then you are on your way to happy land! You don’t have to imagine anymore. If you are seeking for guidance on how to achieve your social media goals, Social Media Faculty is here for you.




  • Access to a beautiful community so you never feel alone.
  • Video training that you can access any day, anytime.
  • Access to lessons from other thought leaders to help spice up other parts of your business.
  • Monthly Q/A calls to answer all your questions
  • And many more!


My name is Joy Eneghalu and I am a social media strategist.

I was a young lady in debt and didn’t know how to recover. Thankfully, I found social media management that gave me the free life I have always wanted. With effort, I got my debt paid 5 months. I have also helped business owners understand how social media works and how they can leverage it to increase their brand visibility, awareness, and profit.

Social Media Faculty was created to bring a solution to the social media challenges of business owners and social media managers. The strategies shared in here has improved my life and business.

It can improve yours too!



From the moment you get into the Social Media Faculty, you will blossom because the information is designed to help you get results. You also have access to worksheets, planners, templates, and guides.




Is the training content released over time? All of the trainings and content that are in Social Media Faculty can be immediately accessed – with new trainings regularly being added!

Who is this membership right for? This membership was designed and caters to social media managers and business owners who love the actionable content for their businesses.

Have the students in Social Media Faculty seen results? Many of the students have already seen massive results from SMF – with businesses growing, proposals going out, clients being booked, and confidence growing each day.

How is billing handled? To make things easy, your monthly payment will be automatically processed – no need to remember to pay the bill each month!

Is there a minimum amount of time I am required to join for?Absolutely not – you are free to join and stay for 1 month, or stay for months on end as you grow your business and clientele.


Are you ready to experience a 360 change in your social media game?

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